Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs (3 Set)


Set of 3 Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs – Small (3.3 x 2.5cm), Medium (4.1 x 3cm) and Large (5 x 3.5cm) – in purple presentation pouch.  Beautiful silk carrying pouch also included.

Yoni Eggs (also called Jade Eggs) have been used for thousand of years to strengthen and tone female pelvic floor muscles which has numerous benefits such as more intense orgasms, enhancing sex drive, reducing symptoms of incontinence, promoting vaginal healing after child birth and much more.


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Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs – General Information:

Size: Small (3.3 x 2.5cm), Medium (4.1 x 3cm) and Large (5 x 3.5cm)

Rose Quartz is a very powerful, yet exceedingly gentle, stone – it is the quintessential stone of love and, as such, stimulates and opens the heart chakra and clears the emotional body.

Rose Quartz is clearly feminine in tone and is calming and cleansing, facilitating the release of stress, tension, fear, anger, grief and shame. Physically, it helps cure heart imbalances and reprogrammes the cells for joy and longevity. Rose Quartz spreads compassion and gentle understanding. A beautiful stone to use for a Yoni Egg practice.

Yoni Egg Benefits:

  • Tones the pelvic floor & helps prevent uterine, bladder and vaginal prolapse & also prevents loss of bladder control/incontinence
  • Tones vaginal muscles pre- and post-childbirth – making for easier childbirth and recovery; restores vaginal elasticity
  • Increases circulation awnd can help to repair any damaged nerve endings sustained during childbirth
  • Assists in energetic clearing of any sexual trauma – abuse, miscarriage, abortion or even a difficult childbirth
  • Increases orgasmic pleasure for both partners – deeper, more intense and more frequent orgasms for women due to increased vaginal sensitivity and awakened sexual energy; and tighter and more control of vaginal muscles = more pleasure for men
  • Increases vaginal lubrication
  • Relieves PMS & symptoms of menopause
  • Restores hormonal balance
  • Seals in energy during menstruation – and in doing so reduces any heavy bleeding, cramping and fatigue experienced
  • Assists in cases of infertility
  • Stimulates vaginal reflexology points – harmonising any imbalances of the body, just as with acupuncture
  • Very grounding
  • Anti-aging practice – creates an energetic lift throughout the body causing a natural facelift
  • Activates chi/life-force energy – increases creativity, passion and libido
  • Awakens and cultivates divine feminine sexual & sensual energy


How to Use a Yoni Egg:

If you buy a set of 3 Yoni Eggs, the idea is that you start with the large egg and work your way up to the medium and small eggs as your pelvic floor muscles get stronger.  This was the traditional way the Taoists taught the jade egg/yoni egg practice.

Some women enjoy using all 3 eggs – as they like seeing the progression as they gain more strength and control…  or they want to be able to feel the egg more right from the start (easier to do with a larger egg).

Many women also just buy a medium egg on its own however – and still achieve the same wonderful benefits. Neither is the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choice – it really is a case of personal preference – so trust your intuition on this one!

Preparing Your Yoni Egg

First thing to do is to clean your Yoni Egg properly before use.  To do this, soak it for 12 hours in hot water (60° C – maximum!) together with a few drops of tea tree oil and a few tablespoons of Himalayan salt or a good quality sea salt.

Semi-precious stones/crystals don’t enjoy high heat, so never put your egg in boiling water – it will damage its structure and energetic qualities and may actually crack your egg too.  Soaking it in the way recommended here will be quite sufficient to cleanse it of any bacteria as well as of any energetic imprint it has picked up on its journey to you.

Start by threading a length of unflavoured dental floss through the small hole drilled at the top of the egg.   You will want to change the floss every time you use your egg.  Having floss attached makes the eggs very easy to remove.  Look for as natural a floss as possible – avoid mentholated or other flavoured ones as these can irritate the sensitive vaginal tissues and most of these flavouring agents are toxic to the body anyway.  You will need about 60cm of floss or twine per use – and I recommend using it double for extra strength.

Special note – once you are confident of the egg’s ability to expel itself from your body on its own, it is totally possible to use these eggs without any string at all if you wish.  It is impossible for the egg to get “lost” in your vagina and simply squatting as if about to do a bowel movement, whilst breathing out gently as you do so, will bring the egg out of your body soon enough.  Jumping up and down on a trampoline, or going for a brisk walk or a jog also work very well for “laying an egg”!  

Having said that, most women do prefer the level of control that having a string attached to their egg enables – and some women’s vaginal orientation can make removal without a string more difficult.  So please only use an egg without a string if you are 100% confident you can expel it easily without one.  A string also enables you to focus your practice into a certain timeframe more easily – and is sometimes also used to create resistance by pulling on it during certain exercises.  

Preparing Yourself

There are various simple exercises that can be carried out with a Yoni Egg, the simplest being to firstly, empty your bladder, and then lie down and take a few slow, gentle breaths and get into a calm, relaxed state of being.  Giving yourself a breast massage to the point of gentle arousal before inserting the egg will help you to self-lubricate and be in a state of openness before you insert the egg.  If necessary use a natural lubricant such as coconut oil to assist in this process.

Using the Yoni Egg

The idea here is not to “push” the yoni egg into the vagina, but rather to be open and relaxed enough that the vagina “sips” the egg into itself.  The first 5 – 8cm of the vagina have hundreds of nerve endings and is incredibly sensitive and it is important to activate the feeling in this area so that the vagina’s natural pulling-in or “sipping” reflex is then stimulated.  And, when practised properly, this exercise awakens your pleasure pathways like nothing else can!

Special Note – you may find that on some days, your body really doesn’t feel receptive to the egg – and it is a really important aspect of this practice to learn to listen to your yoni and honour whatever message you receive.  Although you can, it is not necessary to do this practice every day – it is far more important to build up a closer connection/communication with your body – and this happens when we learn to listen to and honour our bodies’ natural wisdom.

This natural sipping reflex will only occur on your out-breath.  So as you breathe in, you need to hold the egg gently in place at the entrance of your vagina, in order that when you breathe out, relax and open the vagina the egg is in the right position to be “sipped” inside.

Once the egg is inside you, the first thing I would recommend for you to start with is to simply relax and breathe deeply whilst at the same time bringing your focus down into your yoni.  This helps to build sensate focus – and this alone is enough to begin the process of relaxing tense, stressed muscles as it brings your brain’s awareness to areas of tension that it will then release.

This is always the place to start with a yoni egg practice regardless of your reasons for starting one – as most of us carry a lot of tension in our pelvic area.

Once you feel you are nicely relaxed, then squeeze your muscles around your egg as you would if you were trying to stop urine flow.  This will lift the pelvic floor.  Hold this squeeze for 10 counts, then relax for 10 counts.  Do 10 sets of these, 3 times a day in the beginning – you can reduce this later if you wish as you feel your muscles become stronger.

Special Note – if you need to go and pee whilst you have your egg inside you, do not try and hold it in at the same time – this will strain your muscles!  Best is to pee before you start your jade egg practice and then only once you have removed your egg at the end.

You can also experiment with using your vaginal muscles to pull your egg up inside your vagina as high as possible – and then to push it back down again as far as possible (but not all of the way out).  Doing this exercise builds dexterity, control and sensitivity.

I used to simply wear my egg as I went about my daily activities – but apart from the fact that I now understand this can overstrain the muscles, I have also found that the most effective way is to have fully focussed “egg-time” for about 10-15 minutes per day.

This doesn’t even have to happen every day – as long as the focus is there, then even every second day will still bring you the benefits you are looking for.  If you do feel to leave your egg in for longer though, then I would recommend doing so only for a maximum of 2 hours so as not to strain your muscles.

Yoni Egg Exercises

Exercise 1



This exercise helps you sense and connect to your yoni by working the deep layers of the pelvic floor muscles.  It also helps build tone and opens the hips.

Lying on your back, with both feet firmly on the floor and knees bent. Imagine the top of your pubic bone is at 12 o’clock, your right hip is at 3 o’clock, your tailbone is at 6 o’clock and your left hip is at 9 o’clock.

Slowly press your body down into the floor and gently roll towards the right hip – 3 o’clock. Keep rolling towards your tailbone – 6 o’clock, then towards the left hip – 9 o’clock and then back to 12 o’clock. Slowly continue to move around in this circle for 6 revolutions.  Then go counter-clockwise for a further 6 revolutions.

Keep the circles small – as this works the muscles at a much deeper level than large circles do.



Exercise 2

ex2This is designed to help you start to notice the subtleties of this practice and to help you build strength.

Start in the same position as in Exercise 1. As you inhale, squeeze your jade egg and lift your pelvis as high up off the floor as is comfortable to do so, keeping your vaginal muscles squeezed around the egg as you do. Then exhale and relax as you roll back down to the floor again.

Repeat this exercise 9 times.





Exercise 3

ex3This exercise helps you to sense the different sides of the vaginal muscles and to build dexterity and control.

Lie on your back with your legs out straight and your ankles touching.  Then slowly flex your left foot, while pointing your right foot.  As you do this, become aware that the muscles on one side of your vagina are shortening, whilst the other side is lengthening.  The more slowly you can do this, the more powerful this exercise is.

If you are struggling to feel the difference in muscle movement, place your fingertips on your pubic bone – this should help you gain greater sensitivity as to what is going on inside you.

At the same time breathe in for 4 counts, then relax as you exhale for a further 4 counts on each side. Then switch legs.  Repeat on both sides 6 times.

Once you have finished using your egg for the day, just wash it again in warm water and natural soap, put it back in its pouch and keep it in a special place ready for the next day.  Your Jade Egg is a powerful ally – love and look after it well!

A great way to connect with your egg in between use it is to sleep with it under your pillow – I love connecting with stones in general in this way. 

Please note:  All of these exercises are meant to be performed in a relaxed way.  Make sure that your squeezes are gentle and your relaxing is deep and full.  The relax/breathing out is just as important as the squeeze.  

This relaxing/”letting go” opens up your vaginal and sacral area, making you softer and more receptive – and thus more capable of giving/receiving love.  This is also where the healing lies in cases of sexual trauma and also in the unblocking of “stuck” energy so that life-force can flow again.



Tone, Suppleness & Dexterity

The aim here is for the perfect combination of building tone, suppleness and dexterity.  Having strong, toned muscles is important – they definitely make for better sex and a healthy pelvis – but equally important is that they are supple as well.

The pelvic floor should be resilient but not over-tight – rather like a trampoline, with suppleness and “give”.  Muscles that are too tight (from too much strengthening/clenching/weight-lifting and not enough relaxing/opening) can actually cause loss of sensation and thus inhibit pleasure and orgasm rather than the other way around.

For healthy blood flow and creating new neural pathways, both contraction and release are required.

Which brings us to suppleness.  Suppleness is the ability to melt open your pelvic floor and soften into pleasure and orgasm.  If muscles are too tight (especially common in women who over-exercise and don’t concentrate on relaxing their muscles post-exercise), then it makes it difficult to be able to relax them enough at the point of climax and let go into orgasm.  And, without suppleness, childbirth will also be more challenging.

Finally there is dexterity.  Dexterity is the ability to isolate different muscles of your pelvic floor and move them individually, in unison, or in sequence, which results in amazing pleasure for you – and for a male partner too.  This “skill” actually grows more nerves in the vagina – and where there are more nerves there is more feeling 🙂

The Jade Egg practice enables us to achieve all 3 of these qualities.  They may take a little time – but practice makes perfect, so the sooner you start the better ♥

Vaginal Weight-Lifting

Once you have been using a Jade Egg for some time, you might like to try some Vaginal Weight-Lifting.

It is worth pointing out here that enormous benefit can be gained without doing any weight-lifting with your vagina at all.  Some jade egg teachers strongly disagree with this practice – or at least not until a woman has been using a jade egg regularly for several years.

But as with everything else in this practice, I believe every woman is different and needs to feel out what works best for them personally.  All preferences are very personal and you should always go at your own pace and only do what feels right for you and your body.

Lifting weights with a Jade Egg can, however, deepen your practice and build even greater strength in the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.  But you need to approach this activity with great care otherwise its effects can be both counter-productive and even harmful.

Start by threading your egg with a double length of dental floss so that it is twice as strong (I always recommend this anyway regardless of if you are lifting weights or not).  Tie the strings of your silk carrying pouch (provided with your egg) through this string/wire or floss or use an “S”-hook from a hardware store to attach the two together.

Begin by putting light weights in your pouch such as other gemstones or pebbles and work your way up from here.  Listen to your body and never push yourself too hard, particularly if you have sustained any significant damage to your vagina during childbirth.

Start by simply holding the weighted pouch in place, then try swinging it in a pendulum effect, front to back and side to side.  Remember to breathe slowly and deeply at all times and to both tighten and release the muscles – say for 10 counts of each.

Once you become more confident, you can then move onto lifting slightly heavier weights – maybe a small bottle of water or something similar.

Be aware that once your muscles get tired the egg will drop out on its own.  Take that as a sign that your body has had enough and rather try again later or the following day.  Even 5 minutes several times a week will bring you significant benefits in a relatively short period of time.

If you find you are loving vaginal weight-lifting and would like more inspiration, then check out Kim Anami’s globe-trotting journey as she lifts all manner of objects with her vagina in a variety of glamorous locations around the planet!  She’s a fun one to follow 🙂

Most of all, remember that the Jade Egg practice and all of the exercises connected to it are meant to be fun and pleasurable.  Don’t get disappointed if it takes you a while to get the hang of things.  Be easy on yourself and enjoy the journey 🙂





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